Workshop : Understanding Attachment Disorder

Workshop : Understanding Attachment Disorder

Social Care Ireland are coordinating a one day workshop facilitated by Joanna Fortune on Understanding Attachment Disorder and Tools for Practice. It will take place on January 31st in the LINC Centre, Institute of Technology Blanchardstown.

This interactive workshop will explore the attachment cycle (healthy and unhealthy), various attachment disorders and behaviours associated with each.

  • Participants will practice and develop skills in 8 practical activities covering 4 developmental dimensions associated with healthy attachment formation
  • Participants will participate in group activities to reflect on how these activities can be adapted for use with families.
  • Participants will explore attachment disorders, with particular focus on reactive and disorganised attachment.
  • Participants will explore the concept of Mentalisation, with a focus on capacity to mentalise in parents as the biggest predicator of attachment disruption and/or emerging psychopathology in children

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