Childcare Leader – Leinster Based



The Childcare Leaders are responsible for taking a key role in the provision of a service aimed at meeting the needs of children and young people looked after by Positive Care. The Childcare Leaders act as models for the rest of the Team in delivering child care to the children being looked after in the house. While reporting to the Unit Manager / Deputy Manager and following their direction in terms of the child care, they contribute their experience and skills to creatively designing child care packages which meet the needs of the children in the house.


The Childcare Leader acts as the team leader of the shift in which they are working.  Together the Childcare Leaders are members of the management team, working with the Unit Manager and Deputy Manager to ensure that the young people living in the house are looked after safely, professionally and in a way which ensures they achieve their maximum potential, in line with Positive Care’s mission and vision statement.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Contribute to an assessment and behaviour management plan for children and young people referred to the house, including developing and implementing Individual Crisis Management Plans (ICMP) and Placement Plans in line with Care Plans.
  2. Teach young people who are not engaged in school outside the house, in both 1:1, and groups, following the individual educational plans developed for each young person. Assist in the educational development of the young person
  3. Help young people who are engaged in school to complete their homework, assignments and any other requirements of their school attendance.
  4. Participate in planned and responsive residential care designed to help meet assessed needs as defined in the young person’s care and placement plans. Care for the young person following the plans developed for each young person from the Placement Plans. Model such care for other staff members.
  5. Document the progress of the young person involved using the systems developed by Positive Care
  6. Liaise with supervisors, consultants, professionals, parents / carers and referral agents as required.
  7. Ensure that each young person, and their parent / carer if appropriate, receives the agreed quality and quantity inputs receives the agreed updates.
  8. Assist in conducting consumer evaluation of the House, and receiving complaints and compliments re. the services, with / from children, young people, parents / carers, communities and referral agents as required.
  9. Attend mandatory Company training time / days.
  10. Attend training as defined by your individual training plan.
  11. Implement, and contribute to the amendment of all policies and procedures of the Positive Care.
  12. Attend team meetings and contribute to the formation and implementation of policies and strategic planning of Positive Care as required, with a particular emphasis on the needs of the young people in our care.
  13. Implement the Health and Safety Policy and associated Risk Assessment processes for young people cared for in the house.
  14. Support relief staff and students working in the house .
  15. Contribute to the induction and ongoing training of all relief workers, trainees, support staff, and new staff.
  16. The Childcare Leader is a senior member of the team and acts as the team leader of the shift on which they are working.
  17. Ensure that the team members on his/her shift adhere and contribute to the amendment of all policies and procedures.
  18. Ensure regular contact with social workers parents or appropriate others as indicated.
  19. Be pro-active in bringing up and finding solutions to child care issues in the team.
  20. Undertake all administrative functions necessary for the smooth running of the team functioning.
  21. Ensure that all files and client recordings are completed on his / her designated shift on a daily basis.
  22. Following the plans, lead the key working teams and ensure all relevant reports (including complaints, incidents, accidents, & monthly reports) are sent off to the referring social worker.
  23. Adhere to all financial management systems and make sure petty cash is reconciled and signed off at the end of each designated shift.
  24. Take part in the tasks which make the house a home, routinely cooking, cleaning (the house, grounds, vehicles, etc.) and carrying out basic repairs within the designated time scales and according to the routines of the house.
  25. Oversee student placements in the house.
  26. Report concerns about the child care practice of individual staff members to the Unit Manager.
  27. Undertake the duties and designated responsibilities of the Unit Manager in his / her absence.
  28. Encourage “whistleblowing” in all staff, according to the whistleblowing policy, and receive reports from staff and managers as appropriate, acting upon them promptly and effectively.
  29. At all times maintain confidentiality in regard to the children in our care, staffing matters, financial matters and any other matters internal to the company.
  30. Take responsibility at all times for the wellbeing of the Company, putting it before personal, financial or other gain.
  31. Any other duties, within the competence of the post holder that may be required, reasonably, from time to time.
  32. To undertake evening, weekend overnight and shift work as necessary to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the house
  33. To work as part of the on call system for the organisation.




Qualifications, Knowledge and Skills


  • Degree in Youth and Community Work; Social Care; Applied Social Studies; Applied Social Studies in Social Care; Addiction Studies; Social Care Practice; Nursing; Psychiatric Nursing; Psychology; Counselling and Psychotherapy OR a MA or MSc: in any of the above; Social Work. OR a HDip Education along with a Bachelor’s degree.
  • A full, clean, manual driving license, valid in Ireland.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Knowledge of the key elements of effective team working
  • Knowledge of the Irish National Standards in Children’s Residential Centres


  • Experience of working with teenagers with challenging behaviour.
  • Experience of working in a team
  • Experience of working in services within which Therapeutic Crisis Intervention is used
  • Minimum 3 years post qualification experience in residential care or related field which must include at least two years supervisory experience.