Uplifting Young People and Adults
Our Vision is to be a positive difference in young people's and adults lives supporting them to have a brighter future.
Supporting Young People and Adults
Our aim is to provide superior quality care to uplift young people and adults. We provide superior quality care that Young People and adults are uplifted by, Employees are proud of, and Customers/Families trust.
Empowering Young People & Adults
We respect the rights of young people and Adults in our services and work to have their voices heard each and very day.

What We Do

Positive Care provides therapeutic and individualized residential care to young people in the care of the state and to adults with intellectual disabilities. Positive  Care has provided residential care services to both TUSLA and the HSE over the last 16 years.  We  work in partnership with TUSLA and have to date worked with over 500 young people in care. Services include access to education, access to Psychological services, access to Behaviour Support Programmes, access to recreation Programmes (Saoirse), integration and inclusion into our local communities and preparation for independent living. We acknowledge that each young person and adult has their own individual needs and ensure that all whom we care for has their own individualized care plan 

Refer A Young Person or Adult to Our Services

Help us as we continue to provide the best residential care to young people and adults with intellectual disabilties in Ireland.

Our Services & Framework

Positive Care provides an array of services for both young people and adults with intellectual disabilities. Our Care Framework is based on theoretical approaches that underpin our care delivery system. Positive Care have incorporated and combined various evidenced- based practices providing a coherent application of theory into practice. Young People and Adults placed in our care will be assessed by our in house Psychologist or Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and plans developed to enhance the quality of care given to them by our teams. 

Under 12's

Our 3 Bedroom Services cater for young children in need of therapeutic residential childcare. Our model is focused on transitioning to foster placements.

Adult Disabilty Services

These services focus on individualized care to meet the presenting needs of the residents placed with us.

Services Catering For
3 or 4 Young People

Our Multi Occupancy services cater for young poeple whom can livewith their peers whilst engaging in their individualised placement plan.


These services cater for young people whom need higher staff supervision and low occupancy.

Work With Us

Positive Care has offers our employees a wonderful opportunity to learn, grow and develop at every level of their career. Our Employee Pathway supports our employees on their career journey. We aim to support inclusion, ambition, creativity, ideas from our employees and encourage feedback towards our organizational growth and development.

Safeguarding Young People & Adults

Child Protection 

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Adult Safeguarding.

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