Our Services & Framework

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Our Services

Positive Care provides a continuum of care in order to ensure that we can cater for all presentations of needs of the young people and adults in ours services. Our Services are based in Monaghan, Meath, Roscommon, Longford, Laois, Wicklow, Wexford, Kilkenny, Cork, Limerick, & Tipperary.  

Our Teams have experience working with all levels of needs, ages, risks, behaviours and presentations. All of our Team Members are fully qualified and trained in over 15 courses provided for by Positive Care. Over 65% of our employees are Social Care Qualified with the reminder qualified in a relevant discipline as prescribed by TUSLA. Supporting these trained professionals is our suite of Policies and Procedures designed with Health Care Informed whom also completed external quality audits on our services. 

We accept referrals from all areas through the TUSLA National Placement Team and Local HSE Areas. All  referrals are reviewed as part of our robust admission process to ensure that all risks and their impacts are reduced and that the right home and team is selected to match the needs of the referred person. 


Under 12's Services

Our services for young people under 12 provides therapeutic residential care in a group setting. Young people may present with complex trauma and a lack of understanding of their presenting behaviours and risks. The therapeutic group allows for peer to peer shared learning, communication and support. Our in house Psychologist will also guide the care programmes. Each service has a Person in Charge, a Deputy Manager and 3 Social Care Leaders.

Services Catering For Up to 3 or 4 Young People

Our Multi Occupancy Services cater for young people whom can live within a group setting and amongst their peers of the same age group. These services provide 1:1 supervision and each young person has their own individual placement plan and assigned key worker. Young People placed in these services are supported to engage in Education and community actvities. Young people are also assessed by our Clinicians after admission and therapeutic or behavioural plans are developed based on presenting needs. As part of our Care framework all young people whom reached 16 years in our services will have an aftercare assessment and plan put in place to support their transition into Independent Living.

Services Catering For Adults with Disabilities

Our Services for Adults with Disabilities aim to provide individualized care to each adult ensuring that their emotional, physical, social, education and recreational needs are met. Each Care Plan will focus on the individual capacity and their wishes and goals for their lives.

Dual Occupancy

Our Dual Occupancy Services provide care for up to 2 young people. These services serve to provide individual physical space as well as additional staffing supports to help the young person manage their lives and work towards their goals.

Our Care Framework

Positive Care’s Care Framework is based on theoretical approaches that underpin our care delivery system. 

We have incorporated and combined various evidenced- based practices providing a coherent theoretical framework that forms our Care Framework and guides the application of theory into practice.

The Framework has four stages, Entry, Stabilise and Plan, Support and Exit -at each stage the young person or adult on their journey engages in our care delivery system that is underpinned by practical applications of therapeutic practice such as the use of the S.E.L.F curriculum, a Strengths Based Approach, MAPPA, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention & Pathways Independent Living Programme to name a few.  

All of our team members are fully trained in the Care Framework and in our Policies and Procedures. 

Our Locations

Positive Care have several residential homes across Ireland.

  • Wicklow 
  • Wexford 
  • Kilkenny
  • Waterford 
  • Cork 
  • Limerick 
  • Tipperary 
  • Roscommon 
  • Monaghan 
  • Meath 
  • Laois 


Our services span eight counties divided into the four regions of North Leinster, South Leinster, North Munster and South Munster. All regions are supported by a Regional Manager who in turn is supported by a Client Services Manager.